3 Tips for Finding Cheap No Exam Life Insurance Quotes!

No medical exam life insurance is a new type of policy that provides coverage to sick individuals and older citizens.  The only problem is the price which is higher than all the other types of insurance. Still, if you are reasonable and know how to search for adequate policies, you will stumble upon an affordable policy. We offer you 3 tips for finding cheap no exam life insurance quotes:

couple-Medicare1)     Age is a very influential factor. Do not waste time and apply as soon as possible. If you want cheap prices, apply for no exam life insurance while you are not that old. Senior citizens pay more than the younger ones, with up to 20-30% more. As you can see, any decent life insurance quote asks for your age and for a good reason.

No exam policies offer guaranteed acceptance for seniors, unless they are older than 80-90 years (depending on the politics of each company), but the company will still try to compensate for a greater risk. Any wise investor does this.

2)     Search for companies available in your town. Make sure that the form asks you to input a zip code or select the town in which you live. Otherwise you will end up with uncertain results. Selling life insurance in a state requites licensing and authorization for that respective state. Some companies have national range, others do not. So, do not risk too much and look only for precise quotes.

3)     Select small amounts of coverage and stick to basic options. If you sign in for a high amount of coverage, expect high premiums. Insurers offer all sorts of bonus riders or special options, but they do not always mention that these benefits cost extra.   Some of those options, like final expense insurance rider, are very useful, while others are needed in special cases. Read the quotes carefully and deselect included options. In this way, you will get the true value of the policy.

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