3 Reasons to Purchase No Medical Life Insurance

No exam life insurance is credited by numerous people as one of the best existent policies. If you want to know why, we present you 3 reasons to purchase no medical life insurance:

Couple reading newspaper about life insurance1)      Guaranteed acceptance. Probably you are sick to be turned down by insurers just because you are a senior citizen or you do not have a perfect health.  The right for financial protection should be granted to anyone, but despite these utopic demands, insurance companies do not want to assume any liability for person that present a greater risk of dying.

So, unless you apply for no exam life insurance, which offers acceptance for seniors and sick individuals, you will have no change of becoming insured. Or you may find a company, but the prices will be ridiculously high. No exam policies are created to provide protection to the categories mentioned above, not to treat them as special cases and rip them off.

2)      It is easy and fast to process. Without medical exams as part of the underwriting, you will not have to file in a large number of documents and wait for them to be processed. If you do not want to wait four weeks or more for an answer, apply now for no exam life insurance.  Usually, you will not even have to disclose any medical info. Some companies ask you to fill a short medical form, others not. But no matter the procedure, no exam life insurance is the fastest way of obtaining coverage.

3)      Numerous options. Many companies have recently begun to sell this type of insurance. As a result, more and more policies were designed to cover the need of the targeted categories. You will find policies adapted for those that are suffering of diabetes or those that have pneumonia or survived cancer.  Plus, you can still choose if you want a permanent, lifetime protection or just a contract available for a predetermined number of years.

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